About us

ReaL RK company is a large team of people who love what they do.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality granite products while contributing to the sustainable growth of our domestic and international clients’ business.

Due to our two-decade-long commitment to continuous growth and improvement, we are ready to take on very large projects where we can meet all needs of the client and thus prove our position as a major stone manufacturer in the north-west of Russia.

Konstantin Puolokainen, Director of ReaL RK LLC


We manufacture memorials, building and landscaping elements from gabbro, garnetiferous amphibolite and other color granites for 20+ years

High precision

We manufacture granite products using our high-tech, high-precision factories in Petrozavodsk


We are able to take on orders of any volume and degree of complexity and ensure timely delivery. We also take on public procurement orders (regulated by Russian regulatory acts 44-FZ and 223-FZ)

The team

We operate as a strong, friendly team of experts who love what they do


We guarantee the origin of each stone and its compliance with applicable norms and requirements. We provide rock certificates and test reports


We ensure the quality of each block over the entire journey from quarry to client, and each product across all stages of its manufacturing


We ship in 100+ cities of Russia and 12+ countries internationally by all possible modes of transportation


We are proud to represent the Republic of Karelia at domestic and international stone manufacturing forums, such as International Stone Fair (Xiamen, China) and MarmoMac (Verona, Italy)