Facing tiles

We manufacture granite tiles in standard sizes 600 x 400 mm and 600 x 300 mm as well as in custom sizes.

Tiles made of the Karelian black gabbro granite and other northern color granites are distinguished by a rich natural pattern, long life and lasting aesthetic qualities even in aggressive environment such as extreme temperatures, precipitation, chemical exposure or pollution.

Our masters carefully consider the natural pattern of the rock so as to reveal its natural beauty in the finished product and achieve better consistency across the batch.

Our granite tiles are distinguished by strict geometry, edge symmetry and high quality.

We ship finished products in secure packaging that meets all European requirements.

We offer granite tiles with different finishing:
• glazed – ideal mirror-like surface
• polished – matte, even, smooth surface
• honed – surface with even roughness, contour height up to 1.25 mm
• sawn – surface with uneven roughness, contour height up to 2 mm
• treated – surface with coarse roughness, contour height up to 5 mm
• dabbed – surface with a very coarse roughness, contour height up to 10 mm

Our stone experts will help you make the best choice and make your order.