Paver blocks

Granite paver blocks are a time-tested material with high wear resistance and aesthetic qualities. We manufacture paver blocks of various shapes, sizes and finishing in strict compliance with applicable requirements.

We offer chipped, sawn-and-chipped and sawn-and-honed paver blocks from the black gabbro granite and other types of granite that demonstrate high performance and durability in high traffic and aggressive environments.

Standard block sizes:

100 x 100 x 50 mm

100 х 100 х 100 mm

100 х 200 х 50 mm

100 х 200 х 80 mm

80 х 80 х 80 mm

In addition to the traditional rectangular shape, we offer multifaceted paver blocks cut with high precision to bring to life your most bold design ideas.

We provide special treatment of our products depending on custom requirements.

We are able to deliver paver blocks of any volume, even with short lead times. We always have granite pavers of the most popular sizes in stock.